Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) in The Netherlands

November 2016

Thanks everyone for attending the Indonesian film festival 2016 in Utrecht, hosted by the KBRI (the Indonesian Embassy in the Hague) and Mata Hari Media Service. It turned out to be a huge success! Read more…

For the ones interested, here is a brief recap of the past four days, followed by a conclusion:

– On the opening day (Thusday 17 november 2016) there were over 250 visitors. The box office movie “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2” was shown, followed by a Q&A session with Riri Riza (the theme of the festival was about his movies), Nicholas Saputra (lead actor AADC2) and Sissy Pricillia (supporting actress of AADC2). The audience asked them a few very interesting questions.

– The second day “Drupadi”and Atumbua 390C” were shown. Very interesting movies and great reactions from the audience!

– On Saturday the short movie “Wan An” was shown followed by the second showing of “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2”, with almost 400 spectators. This day was marked by several interesting Q&A sessions and a film discussion about contemporary Indonesian film industry . To finish off this day, a Meet &Greet was arranged for fans to have their pictures taken alongside Nicholas Saputra & Sissy Priscillia. Over 200 people stood in line to meet the stars of “AADC2”. Photos of this Meet&Greet are available on the Facebook page of the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague (KBRI) and also on our Facebook page.

– The last day was certainly not the least, as Christoffer Nelwan (the star of the movie “Athirah”) himself was present in the evening to answer questions from the audience in a Q&A session which was preceded by showing of “Athirah”. In the afternoon the visitors had a little warm up in the form of the short movie “Sokola Rimba”.

All in all, it was wonderful to see the interactivity and enthusiasm during the various Q&A sessions and film discussions throughout the whole festival. We enjoyed hearing the many great reactions from the audience regarding the movies that have been shown. Please take a look at the photos from the Indonesian Film Festival 2016 on our Facebook page and feel free to tag yourself.

The press had also written quite a few articles regarding the festival.

To read earlier postings regarding the festival, please check out the corresponding Facebook event page.

We would like to thank everyone for coming and making this event a major success!

– Mata Hari Media –

UPDATE 23 November 2016 :

A photo impression of the Indonesian Film Festival 2016 :

For more photos please go to the photos section on our Facebook page


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Annual Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) in Netherlands
Theme: Contemporary Indonesia | Cinema Of Riri Riza
When: 17-20 November 2016
Where: Wolff Catharijnebaan Cinema / Radboudkwartier 19, 3511CC, Utrecht
Guest stars: Riri Riza (Indonesian Film Director) and Nicholas Saputra, Sissy PriscilliaChristoffer Nelwan (famous Indonesian actors & actress)

Click here for a complete schedule of the festival




Organized by: the Indonesian Embassy in cooperation with Matahari Media


The second edition of the IFF will be held on 17 – 20 November 2016 in Utrecht. Every year the Indonesian Embassy in The Hague will choose a different theme. Last year, during the first edition of the IFF in the Netherlands, the theme was about the repertoire of Nia Dinata, an award-winning Indonesian film director. A special program with her films was shown in het Haagse Filmhuis.  Her films are known for topics such as transgender and homosexuality issues.

After the success of last year’s IFF, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia has chosen that the theme of this year’s IFF will be about Riri Riza’s films. Riri Riza, with his artistic and professional skills, is able to incorporate social contemporary issues in his movies. “Films must be regarded as cultural products, not only commercial ones” (Riri Riza). The Embassy would like to share these films (which are certainly a part of Indonesian popular film culture)  with Dutch people and people with an Indonesian background.

Target audience

Almost everyone in the Netherlands has “something” with Indonesia. 2.16 percent of the Dutch population are Indonesians of the first/ second or third generation (source: In addition, there are many Dutch people with Indonesian roots, also called “Indo’s”. There is even a Dutch-Indonesian community. Other than that, many Dutch or non-Indonesian people living in the Netherlands are interested in Indonesia.

The purpose of the Indonesian Film Festival (IFF) in the Netherlands is to bring the Indonesian community together, to reach a wider audience and to attract the attention of anyone who has “something with Indonesia”.