Shooting in Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
Amsterdam is a film friendly place to shoot in. With its historic city centre and Canal Ring on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Amsterdam is a daily source of inspiration for the many creatives that work here. Its liberal, tolerant and free-spirited reputation attracts talent from all over the world, making it one of the world’s most multicultural cities and a great place for bringing your ideas to life. Still, for most projects it makes sense to team up with a local production company or service provider, because the city is, and remains, a complex place to move around with a full crew and camera’s. Our services are designed to help you navigate the maze of rules and regulations, take advantage of the opportunities and ensure that you get the most for your production money.

Does Mata Hari Media have an Indonesian speaking team?
Since we have a  special focus on the Indonesian market, the majority of our team speaks fluent Indonesian, besides speaking fluent Dutch and English.

What services does Mata Hari Media provide?
Mata Hari Media Services is a Dutch-Indonesian production company based in Amsterdam. It was originally established to cater demands from Indonesian production houses wanting to do film production in the Netherlands. Currently we also provide the same services for clients from other countries. We realize that it can be difficult to do production in foreign land with the language barrier, customs, regulations, and restriction. Therefore we offer our expertise and knowledge, assisting production teams with research, location scouting, talent hiring & casting, working permit, filming permit, and all aspects related to film production in the Netherlands. Our partly Indonesian speaking team will certainly make you feel at home while helping your production in foreign land go smoothly.

Do I need a permit to shoot in the Netherlands?
For small video- and filmshootings in Dutch public spaces, mostly no permit is needed. Shoots where a small hand-held camera without boom and other fancy equipment is used, falls under the category “small”. For larger shoots one needs to apply for a shooting permit with the Mayor’s Office. This is one of the many areas where Mata Hari Media can help you. Please read our page about film permits for more information.

How much does a shooting permit cost?
The cost of a city shooting permit depends per application and per city and the size of your production. It is up to the applicant to comply with all rules and regulations in their permit application. You need to scout each location and find out what the specific conditions are, before you can apply for a permit. Like everywhere, local conditions for shootings are subject to change for many possible reasons (security precautions, neighborhood concerns, events etc.). Please read our page about film permits for more information.

How long does it take to get a permit?
This depends per application and per city. It usually takes less than a couple of days or weeks to obtain a simple permit. Complex cases can take longer.

Shooting on public property
Shooting on many city properties is made possible, and is sometimes allowed free of charge once permit requirements are fulfilled. Shooting in parks and other public areas is also possible, but also requires permits. Shooting on buses and subways, including subway property (platforms, exits and entrances, etc.) is conditional on obtaining NS or local transport company permission. This can be a costly and a time-consuming process (1 week or more to arrange such permission). Please read our page about film permits for more information.

Shooting on private property
Shooting on private properties is usually down to negotiation of a fee, which varies from building to building. Make sure your insurance covers all eventualities, also in case of private property shooting.

Traffic assistance and parking
Cities can provides traffic assistance, therefore you need to apply some days or weeks before the shooting take place and also need a permit.